Miles per gallon? That’s not a hard concept to explain. It’s how many miles your vehicle can typically deliver for every gallon of gasoline in its fuel tank.

Miles per gallon equivalent? That’s another story entirely. If you’ve heard the term MPGe before and been confused, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common questions we field at White River Subaru.

We thought it was a good time to clear things up!

Digging into the Meaning of Miles Per Gallon Equivalent

As hybrid and EV models grew in popularity and prominence, the Environmental Protection Agency decided they a way to compare the efficiency of those models with more traditional gasoline-only alternatives.

They came up with the concept of Mile Per Gallon Equivalent (MPGe). The EPA determined that 33.7 kWh hours of electricity is roughly on par with a single gallon of gasoline. Just like with MPG, vehicles with higher MPGe are more efficient. This goes for both hybrid vehicles and high EV models, too.

An all-new model like the Subaru Solterra EV, for instance, delivers up to 94 miles per gallon equivalent.

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